We have a collection of over 15,000 pieces of vintage Gero Zilmeta, Gero Zilduro and Sola Massive, Sola GZ and Sola Elite cutlery in our collection. We have them used, in a variety of qualities, as well as brand new. All flatware we sell was hand crafted in Zeist between 1935 tot 1980. After this period Sola and Gero mostly sold cheaply made stuff made in China. This is your chance of replacing the hard to find pieces you lost.

We are based in The Netherlands and have already helped Dutch immigrants and/or their family in the US, Canada, Australia and South-Africa who want to replace pieces that have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle of flatware.

We sell no bent or badly sharpened knives, damaged spoons or forks with worn teeth, pieces with black spots ('iron pox') or rust. Everything is in nice to superb vintage condition, or even never been used, for over 50 years in original box.

Can't find the missing pieces you are looking for? No problem! We can find them for you, we know the way. It only might take some time.

We ship around the world and accept IBAN inside of the EU and PayPal outside of the EU and worldwide. We speak English. Wir sprechen Deutsch. On parle Français (un petit). We kind of understand Spanish and Portuguese.

We also helped customers in Belgium, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Feel free to send us a mail and we will do everything we can to help you.

We accept Paypal and IBAN. There is always a small surcharge for paying with PayPal.

Postage and packaging from 01-01-2020 in Euros

Zone allocation for letters and parcels
Europe 1: Austria, Belgium, Denmark (not including the Faroe Islands or Greenland), France (including Corsica and Monaco), Germany, Italy (not including San Marino and Vatican City), Luxembourg, Spain (including the Balearic Islands, but not including the Canary Islands), Sweden).
Europe 2: all other European countries (not including Russia)
World: all other countries (including Russia)

Europe 1:
Up to 350 grammes: € 9,– (at your own risk)
350-2000 grammes: € 19,– (registered, insured up to € 100,-, with track and trace)
Parcels (over 2 kg and large sized pieces) dependent on weight and value, from € 24,–

Europe 2:
Up to 350 grammes: 10,50 (at your own risk)
350-2000 grammes: 22,50 (registered, insured up to € 100,-, with track and trace)
Parcels (over 2 kg and large sized pieces) dependent on weight and value.

Up to 350 grammes: 13,– (track and trace, no insurance)
350-2000 grammes: 30,– (registered, insured up to € 100,–, with track and trace)
Parcels (over 2 kg and large sized pieces) dependent on weight and value from €40,–

What do those numbers between brackets say?

Mint, original packaging also mint
New, never been used, sometimes with original packaging in lesser quality
Perfect, seldomly used, almost as new
[8] V
ery good used quality, shiny, decoration intact
Good used quality, decoration faded, acceptable wear and tear, visible after close inspection, standard quality
Used quality, decoration almost completely faded, visible but acceptable wear and tear
Substandard quality, visible wear and tear, acceptable damage, only sold when rare


Druppelbak: teardrop shaped
Ebba: synthetic material, mostly used on knives and some servers, bakelite
Ivorna: synthetic material, ivory coloured
Horna: synthetic material, horn coloured
Gepatineerd: matted
Geslepen: sharpened
Heft: handle
Hoogglans: shiny
Kliefsnit/gegolfd: serrated
Lemmet: blade
Poli: shiny
Puntbak: point shaped
RVS = stainless steel (not dishwasher safe!)
Zilduro = alloy of steel, chromium and nickel, 18/10 (dishwasher safe)
Zilmeta = alloy of steel, chromium and nickel 18/8 (dishwasher safe)
Monoblock: made out of one piece (mostly knives)
Duoblock: made out of two pieces, hollow handle
Elite = alloy of steel, chromium and nickel, 18/10 (dishwasher safe)
Massive = alloy of steel, chromium and nickel 18/8 (dishwasher safe)

More translations and a table of sizes in The official guide by Gero

International models

Gero used different names outside of The Netherlands. We are trying to get some more information about this. These are the names we have knowledge of until now.

Angus = Zilmeta 520 (UK)
Chippendale = Zilmeta 528 (UK)
Diana = Zilmeta 517
Lynton = Zilmeta 515 Rumba
ZIL6 = Zilmeta 581
ZIL7 = Zilmeta 562
ZIL9 = Zilmeta 512 (matted) / 522 (shiny)